GSM Monster - Gsmmonster is a real monster!

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Not resolved is a real fake vendor, they offer telephones used or refurbished, and after they receive the payment, usually send you a piece of sh...that never works properly, they are scammers.Used phones, scratches, cracked downs, all kinds of trash instead of assist customers in solutions they hide their face behind a false customer service line.

I have purchased two times from them and in the first time they deliver a good producto, second time delivered only cracked pones unfunctionally, and also, in the first time result in various models returned to me because malfunctions and all kind of things, .there are so bad issues.

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GSM Monster - This company is swindling their customers

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Not resolved

I ordered this phone which was supposed to be brand new on the 22nd of Sept.I received a notice that it had been shipped on the 27th.

I then received a phone call on the 28th of Sept. telling me the phone was no longer being made and this phone would be on a back order. They wanted to know if I wanted a different color phone, green or black. I bought the phone because I like the color pink and didn't want one of the other colors.

It was late when I'd gotten home and listened to the voice mail, so I got online and purchased another phone from a different company. I called them the next day and told them just to cancel the order when the customer service rep told me they had gotten the phone from UPS the day before, and just shipped it out the same day so it was already on the way. I asked the rep if it was new, she stated that it was...I asked her if it was pink, she said it was. So....I got the phone and immediately knew it wasn't new...there was a thumb print on the back of the phone that had rubbed the paint dull.

So, I really didn't mind except I couldn't get it to "bluetooth on" with just the phone. I tried downloading the tools to update or figure what the problem was but it wouldn't accept my phone as being legitimate. I then took the phone to a t-mobile store and he said the phone was faulty. I contacted and they ignored me until I sent a dispute to the credit card company.

They then sent me a return slip but still wanted 20% for a "restocking" fee of which I don't believe I should have to pay for a faulty phone, not to mention the shipping. They are charging an exorbitant amount for shipping and I feel if they keep selling this phone over and over...they are making a hefty sum for nothing. Something needs to be done about theses swindlers. They are becoming legalized crooks.

I also took the phone to a Motorola dealer/repair shop and they tried for 25 minutes to fix it, but said the phone was not even being accepted by their repair dept as legit. They informed me the phone has many issues. I would NOT purchase anything from this company.

They are truly a nightmare and ripoff.If I send this phone back, it'll be placed back in the system for you to buy next.

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